Ibex and Porcupine Crowned Test Winner by German BIKE Magazine

ONZA Ibex and Porcupine are crowned as best tires in test by bike magazine

ONZA Ibex and Porcupine were selected as best All Mountain tire combination.

In search of the best All Mountain tire, the German BIKE magazine (issue 09/2022) tested various tires from renowned manufacturers in the lab and on the trails. In the test, our combination of Ibex and Porcupine prevailed over the competition and takes the test victory with the verdict “excellent”.

Tires are the most important contact point of the bike/rider to the ground and influence the riding characteristics like no other part of the bike. In their test, BIKE tested 18 different tires from a variety of manufacturers to find out which ones push your riding to the next level. To find out which tire performs the best, all 18 tires had to prove themselves in different tests in the lab as well as on the trail.

For BIKE, the All Mountain application ranges from alpine trails to difficult trails in your local area and is disputed on bikes with travel between 150 and 160 mm. In this field, versatility is key: Great rolling characteristics, paired with grip and puncture protection, are the magic formula for a great All Mountain tire.

In the end, our combination of Ibex (front) and Porcupine (rear) made it onto the top step of the test podium with 52 of 60 possible points and an impressive 4 points ahead of the competition – resulting in the verdict “excellent”. What makes our tire combination so special? See the quotes of the testers below.

"The ONZA combination of Ibex and Porcupine on one hand stands out for the low weight and the top rolling resistance. On the other hand, the sophisticated tread generates a lot of grip. Up front, the sturdy side knobs offer a lot of confidence in turns. Thanks to the excellent rubber compound, the tires show no weaknesses in the terrain..."

Being two of our long-time customer favorites and the combination that we personally ride at home, we're super excited about this great achievement. And can't wait to see more and more people out on the trails with our tires. As we like to say: MORE GRIP TO RIP! 

"After the field test, ONZA clearly delivers the miracle recipe. Whether in the wet, in deep terrain, when braking or accelerating - the pairing of Ibex and Porcupine delivers a consistently high level of grip. Coupled with the first-class rolling behavior, the all-round duo brings out the best out of every All Mountain bike."

Learn more about the two tires in the test here: IBEX / PORCUPINE

 ONZA Ibex and Porcupine are some of the best mountainbike tires you can buy

Photos: Jan Cadosch