Does ONZA produce a white tire in 2.6 inch width?

We currently only produce the white Porcupine in 2.4" width.


Tire Tech

What does TPI stand for?

TPI stands for threads per Inch. It defines the number of threads contained in one inch of the tire casing. The lower the number of TPI, the larger the gauge cords in the casing. Thus, the more durable the tire becomes. The higher the TPI, the more lightweight the tire becomes and the more supple the ride of the tire. The majority of our tires are 60 TPI, and our race tires are 120 TPI.

What are Butyl Inserts?

Butyl inserts are pieces of butyl rubber wrapped around and placed in between the two overlapped 60 tpi layers, midway through the sidewall in our 2-ply casings. The inserts add strength to the sidewall and add stability to resist pinch flats.



What is the advantage of a tubeless tire?

Tubeless tires allow you to run lower air pressure without having to worry about pinch flatting a tube. This allows for maximum traction because you have more surface area contact with the ground.

How much tubeless sealant should I use?

For the use of our Seal Up sealant we recommend using the following amounts:

  • Road 30 - 45ml
  • Cyclocross 60 - 75ml
  • 26” MTB 60 - 80ml
  • 27.5” MTB 70 - 90ml
  • 29” MTB 100 - 120ml