Intend Launches the BANDIT - the not normal hardcore enduro fork

Intend Bandit Porcupine RC

Intend Bandit

No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. And no, it wasn't assembled incorrectly. Intend's new Bandit fork uses a dual crown leg on the right side and a single crown leg on the left, but the idea isn't to add torsional rigidity to the inverted design, even if that is one of the byproducts of the rather strange looking layout. Intend's Cornelius Kapfinger, the brains behind this one-man German suspension outfit, says that the longer right leg (with its two crowns) is where you'll find an absolutely massive negative air chamber that makes the Bandit "The most sensitive fork worldwide.'' 

This fork pushes the boundaries to a new level. Downhillbike – Endurobike? Combine it! Not more weight than competitive enduro forks, but performance on another level.



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Intend Bandit Fork