Flowrider Racing's Revel Rascal LT Special Edition

Flowrider Racing's Sea Otter Edition Revel Rascal LT complete with Onza White Porcupines

Presenting Flowrider Racing: A Swiss-based distributor of high-end MTBs, components and accessories. As a regular participant of the Sea Otter trade-show, they were understandably disappointed when global travel restrictions meant their trip was cancelled. Their solution: build a show bike regardless! And you bet they knew where to put our Porcupine Classic White tires.

Built with a handful of special parts that you may not have seen before, this build was inspired by one of the first custom bikes Marc Wohler ever built for himself. Marc, who works for Flowrider Racing, said the following: 

"Around 1994/95 i‘ve built one of my first custom bikes - a KLEIN PULSE in that beautiful color„deep forest green“! I‘ve built this bike for my father. It was equipped with Hügi Hubs, Mavic SUB Ceramic Rims, a Rock Shox Mag 21, Magura HS22 brakes and some white Panaracer Magic XC tires. It was so beautiful, i wanted to build it again, but with a bike i want to ride now."

With Flowrider Racing becoming the distributor for Revel Bikes in Switzerland, they thought it was a perfect opportunity to make a homage to that Klein.

The bike is absolutely decked out with prototype parts. Marc worked closely with the brands to ensure each part was tailored for his design. The drivetrain is from Italian manufacturer Ingrid ComponentsCeetec provided the Rims, Saddle, Seatclamp, Screws, prototype Bar, Bottlecage and Carbon rear axle, while the brakes came from Braking!

Finally, the incredible paint job is from Stefan Utz at Cycleworks using original Klein colors. Let's take a moment and look at some parts of the bike in detail:

With the suspension, there is no compromise, as is par for the course on this bike. The setup is provided by Intend BC. German brand Intend is an innovative, small suspension and components brand based out of owner Cornelius Kapfinger's flat (yes!).

In his words: "Intend is very small, very very small. All parts were assembled in my flat in Freiburg, that’s all. There is no big factory."

Out back they have fitted the Hover Shock which aims to feel like a coil shock and definitely helps add to this Revel's very unique appearance.


For the front suspension, they have used the Edge New Age Fork featuring new cable guides, bushings and axle when compared to the Edge fork. This includes changes such as SKF seals for wiper and oil seals, higher bushings and the Royal-Flush coating. 

Make sure to check out Flowrider Racing for more exciting builds!