Custom Painted YETI SB150 with White Porcs by Tec Gnar

Ever since we re-invented our White Porcupines, we have seen a lot of impressive builds. Seriously, a lot. What’s special from our perspective is seeing riders build bikes specifically around our tires and bringing their own flair and character into the build.

Then there is the occasional bike, which stands out and leaves us speechless. Tec-Gnar’s custom Yeti SB150 is captivating to say the least and it takes a few moments to process the attention to detail this bike showcases. Dustin Carlson, the man behind Tec-Gnar, really pulled out all the stops on this one. Tec-Gnar is best-known for their custom painted frames and easy-going attitude with their ethos and love for MTB.

This beachy colorway features custom painted everything from the drivetrain to the wheels, stem, discs, fork and obviously the frame itself. The input into producing this masterpiece speaks for itself, with over 100 hours of work going into finalizing it. And rounding off this impressive bike are our White Porcupines. With such an incredible level of effort going into every single part of this build, there is no room for compromise, and it is always a pleasure to be included in the spec!

You may be wondering, does this bike even belong on the trial or should it be placed in a glass display? You wouldn’t be wrong for thinking the latter, but in fact you can catch Carlson sending it in and around Moab, UT! This bike may catch the eye for its looks, but just like our tires, it is made to be ridden to the highest level of performance.