Meet our team riders. As a small brand we have a small but destinctive roster of team riders that all emobdy our values. Big race results and huge reach numbers are not the most important things to us - we want our riders to enjoy our passion - mountainbiking - to the fullest and to inspire everybody out there to go out on adventures and discover new places and skills.

Ben Deakin

Ben 'The Deakinator' Deakin is quite easily our longest-serving ONZA athlete. From racing as an Elite Downhill Racer he's now found himself travelling around the world shouting 'OiOi' into an action sports camera making various comical videos whilst still achieving good race results dipping his toes into the odd Downhill / Enduro race here and there.

James Farrar

Shredit master and style-king James “MC Nigel” Farrar throws some of the best whips in the biz. Popular on the UK scene for being one of the most stylish riders, James is a genuine guy and a great presence to be around.

Jan Cadosch

A fantastic rider and skier, Jan is in fact also an accomplished photographer and content producer, having excelled in workshops by Red Bull and made a name for himself as a real multi-faceted talent. Jan hones his crafts to perfection and never spares any detail, whether riding or behind the lens. In addition, he is a great human and always a fun presence to have around!

Kara Beal

Hailing from the UK, Kara is a welcome presence on the Onza roster. In addition to her fantastic personality, she performs several disciplines from skatepark to downhill, enduro and also the occasional race. Her YouTube channel boasts views into the millions, where she gives viewers the chance to follow her on her MTB journey as she learns new skills and progresses her riding.

Stefan Müller

MTB wizard Stefan brings an innovative and creative approach to all of his riding, showcasing his extraordinary talent and ingenuity. Coming from a background in trials, Stefan spends his days ripping his enduro bike through the Austrian alps and adding his own flair to each challenge he takes on!

Julian Clauss

All-round German sender Julian is known for kicking up roost and throwing down style wherever he puts his tires. Hitting dirt-jumps, smashing local trails and bike-park laps are all part of the routine for Julian as he progresses and shares his riding.

Antoine Buffart

One of the kings of POV footage, Antoine Buffart. After seeing several insane segments from his trip to Queenstown, New Zealand, we thought it was time to get the Crankflip Boss on our team. For us Antoine is one of the most stylish and creative riders out there!

Jannis Dietrich

Always on some adventure, Jannis shares his journey on two wheels and is always pushing the limits.

Dario Lohner

Dario is one of those likeable guys who is just good at everything. From bikes, to skis, to cameras, he dedicates his time to seeking out new adventures and creating content both in front of and behind the lens. The Swiss Alps are his home, and it reflects in his style and pursuit of perfection!

Vitor Büchli

Everyone's favourite upbeat freeracer, Vitor always has a smile on his face and brings good vibes wherever his bikes take him. From DH racing and bike-park shredits to barspins and backflips at the local spots and pumptracks, Vitor is an accomplished rider at a young age and is always trying new things!.