IBEX and PORCUPINE crowned as best All Mountain tires.

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Welcome to Onza Tires, where Swiss performance meets innovative design.

Providing more than just the interface between rider and terrain, our tires offer proximity to nature and a passion-driven escapism through cycling. With generations of Swiss history in expansive mountainous trail networks and ranging conditions flowing through Onza’s veins, we strive to make the best tires on the market.  

While not a large company, the Onza brand maintains its global presence as a competitive tire brand by challenging market trends and thinking differently. Our products reflect the culture we strive for and represent our values of performance, innovation and attention to detail.

Life doesn’t wait and inherently neither does the sport we all love. Progression is key and we aim to grow both personally and professionally alongside our brand and riders. Cycling brings people together, as it does with Onza. As a team we enjoy the opportunity to make an impact and drive the sport forward.