Singletracks Reviews The Porcupine RC
Singletracks single out the Porcupine RC for review and here's what they had to say... You are probably familiar with the US-based editorial website and MTB community provider Singletracks. The rider-owned company has made a name for themselves in providing useful...
Twentynineinches Reviews the Porcupine
Twentynineinches took some Porcupines out and here are their impressions... German publication Twentynineinches took our flagship Trail tire, the Porcupine, out for some testing this past winter and came back with some detailed results on their experiences with the tire!...
Cycleholix Magazine reviews the Porcupine Skinwall
Here's what Cycleholix had to say about our Porcupine... German cycling magazine Cycleholix included our flagship Trail/AM/Enduro tire, the Porcupine, in their review column and we wanted to present the results. Thorsten Illhardt was the man for the job, a technical editor at...