CO2 Neutral Shipping

Onza Tires ships eco-friendly

With the ever increasing strain humans are placing on our earth, it is important to do what we can do lighten the burden. As a business integrated in our local communities and with direct proximity to consumers, we see and feel the impacts of challenges facing them. It is our responsibility to commit to an eco-friendly future in order to create a sustainable environment for everyone. 

Along with our logistics partners, we offer completely carbon-neutral shipments on all orders placed through our webshop. 

DHL is our partner for international shipping, and they are committed to a carbon-neutral plan and reducing emissions by 50% by 2025, with their GoGreen initiative. Their mission is to reach a zero emission goal by 2050. We pay an additional fee to include this in our shipment offering and support the effort. 

European shipments through DPD are carried out carbon-neutral in 225 cities already, as they target all-green delivery. They achieve this with clean energy offsets and low emission vehicles delivering parcels. They work together with the UN, following their Sustainable Development Goal


With the pressures the cycling industry faces to embrace eco-friendly production, it is no wonder to see that there are already many changes being made. At Onza Tires, we strive to do what we can, where we can. Take our fenders for example, which are made entirely from recycled plastic.